CONSENT is a medium scale research project that is promoted by the Commission of the European Union. 19 partners from 13 European countries, including interdisciplinary institutes, research centres, universities and NGO´s, are participating in this project. CONSENT aims to examine consumer sentiment regarding privacy on user generated content (UGC) services such as Youtube, Facebook and MySpace in the digital economy. This project seeks to examine how consumer behaviour, and commercial practices are changing the role of consent in the processing of personal data and whether the recent changes to consumer and commercial practices lead to consumers (in)voluntarily signing away their fundamental right to privacy. CONSENT´s multidisciplinary team intends to carry out a status quo analysis of commercial practices, legal position and consumer attitudes, identifying criteria for fairness and best practices, and then create a toolkit for policy makers and corporate counsel which will enable them to address problems identified in the analysis. CONSENT begins in May 2010 and ends in April 2013.

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