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We have developed online training modules to improve the legal understanding and legal security in the field of Digital Preservation. The relevant topics regarding digital preservation are covered and illustrated. Our Online-Trainings may serve as information to a specific topic within digital preservation for any interested person. The Online-Trainings are freely available on our homepage. Thereby we hope that we can reach a wide range of users. Besides we recommend our Online-Trainings to our students as additional teaching material to show the practical relevance of the subject matter of the university classes.

During the lifetime of the TIMBUS project the following online training modules were developed:“IT-Contracting: License Agreements – Software Contracts between Software Producer and DP User“, “Protection of Databases and Digital Preservation”, “Copyright Protection of Software and Digital Preservation” and “Software Escrow.

The online training modules provide all relevant information with regard to digital preservation within its specific fields. The materials are not only offering a great overview, the Online-Trainings explain in detail different topics, legal problems and requirements.