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Podcast: Micky Maus und das Urheberrecht

At the end of 2023, copyright protection for the cartoon character “Mickey Mouse” expires in the USA. For this reason, in this episode, research assistants Klaus Palenberg and Nicolas John look at the copyright protection periods for German and international works. In addition to the principles of German copyright law, the various agreements under international… Read more »

Podcast: The European Health Data Space (EHDS)

The EU’s data strategy creates a new area of law: data business law. While data law has so far focused primarily on the protection of personal data and, most recently, on the security of the data infrastructure, the new legal acts (Data Act, Data Governance Act and the sector-specific data rooms) aim primarily at efficient… Read more »

Podcast: EU-US Data Privacy Framework

The EU Commission has issued an adequacy decision on the new data protection framework between the EU and the US. In this episode, research assistants Ole-Christian Tech and Klaus Palenberg look at the consequences of the decision and the content of the agreement with the US. In particular, the novelties compared to the previous agreements,… Read more »

Podcast: Datenkontrolle in der Cloud

Digital sovereignty has become a political development goal. Especially in the area of cloud computing, how control over data can be exercised effectively is often in question. In this episode of Weggeforscht, research assistants Johanna Voget and Johannes Müller present the DSK’s position paper on sovereign clouds and discuss the criteria set out in it…. Read more »

Podcast: Hacks for more cybersecurity!

In this episode, research assistants Johanna Voget and Klaus Palenberg discuss the topic of white hat hacking. The legal admissibility of such simulated cyber attacks, which are used to find and eliminate security vulnerabilities in one’s own system, raises several questions and problems. These are examined in depth and discussed in detail. An article on… Read more »