> Bachelor /Master students

A number of students who do not take the state examination in law are studying at ITM. These are different variants of Bachelor and Master students. We welcome these students and try to make your activities at ITM as pleasant and successful as possible.

Are you a foreign student and are you studying for a Master’s degree in German law? If so, you can benefit from our special guided tours. We kindly ask you to introduce yourself personally to the lecture leader (professor) at the beginning of each lecture. This will ensure that the professor also knows you and can discuss further planning of your studies with you. Please note that the ITM is not able to hold oral exams as the conclusion of lectures. All students must take part in the final exams of the respective course. However, the fact that you come from abroad will be taken into account appropriately; I would therefore ask you to note on your exam that you are attending the course as a Master of German Law.

If you are planning to write your Master’s thesis at ITM, I would ask you to contact us in advance, if possible in the long term. It takes some time to discuss a topic and further concretise the work plan. Therefore, any hasty registration for a master thesis is very dangerous. Regarding the formalities of a Master’s thesis, I would ask you to read the section “Doctoral students” on our homepage (main section teaching). There you will learn how to plan your thesis accordingly and which formalities are mandatory. Please bear in mind that the ITM traditionally pays great attention to the observance of copyright regulations. An infringement of copyright is not only the case if you have not named corresponding external sources. Rather, you have only complied with the citation right under § 51 UrhG if you consider that, in addition to citing the source, the adoption of the third-party citation must serve the purpose of supporting your own statement.

However, Bachelor’s and Master’s students also come to ITM as minor students from the Faculty of Economic Sciences or similar. We expect our students who wish to participate in ITM courses to have a very sound knowledge of general civil law and information/media law. Participation in ITM courses is therefore only possible during the master’s phase. However, here too, you are not entitled to be assigned a corresponding topic from a seminar. Seminars are often overcrowded and therefore the corresponding seminar places must first be allocated to students of the ITM focus area. Furthermore, we reserve the right to make the assignment of a topic dependent on the Master’s student having sufficient knowledge of media law for the selected topic, even if seminar places are available. In general, we would like to point out that we cannot and will not differentiate between law students and minor students.