> Speech by Prof. Dr. Marcos Wachowicz

On the 4th of June Prof. Dr. Marcos Wachowicz of the Federal University of Paraná (Brazil) spoke about the blockchain within the Brazilian legal system. Prof. Dr. Marcos Wachowicz is currently visiting the ITM. He will stay in Münster for one year to corporate with the ITM researchers especially in the area of copyright and blockchain regulation. He introduced the audience to his current research project GEDAI. GEDAI was set up in 2007 and provides the research on the development of Intellectual Property Law and the regulation of intellectual rights within the Information Society. His main research interest is about blockchain and digital rights management. He is facing questions like what interoperability challenges of blockchain must be overcome so that a substantial and positive change of the authors remuneration and fair legal connections for his work can be achieved. The exciting speech was concluded with a question and answer session.