> Expert Talk of the GOAL project with Prof. Sandra Wachter

On 19.10.2020 the first project-internal Expert Talk with Prof. Sandra Wachter took place. Prof. Wachter is Associate Professor at the renowned Oxford Internet Institute, which has gained a remarkable interdisciplinary reputation in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning and is outstanding in the information technology field. Prof. Wachter’s current research interests include the governance of algorithms and the development of standards for transparency, explainability and fairness of algorithmic decisions.

The Expert Talk started with a lecture by Prof. Wachter, in which she dealt especially with questions of fairness of algorithmic decisions. It was followed by a lively discussion with the project partners. However, it was not possible to discuss all interesting aspects in detail within the estimated time, so it was agreed to stay in continuous exchange.

The result was a successful start to the expert talks, which offer a good opportunity for networking and exchange. Further talks are therefore already planned for the future in order to further promote research in the project.