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© Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren, ITM™-Münster.The ITM offers possibilities of additional training on specific branches, namely:

  • Information-, Telecommunication and Media Law

    This two-semester programme deals with aspects of private and public law in terms of information, telecommunication and media. The lectures on civil law include legal protection of information, EDP-contract law and liability for defective software. Those on public law centre deal with legal problems of telecommunication and broadcasting. The lectures take place in the first semester whereas in the second one the participants choose seminars on particular topics, such as “press and law” or “legal informatics”.
  • Industrial Property RightsThe additional training on industrial property rights also consists of two stages. Introductory lectures take place in the first semester and seminars about selected legal problems of patents, registered designs and utility models in the second. in this language. The ITM plans to offer additional training programmes in English soon.

For further information on our additional training programmes please go to the German version of our homepage