> Legalities-Lifecycle-Management-Tool

During the TIMBUS project, we have developed a Legalities-Lifecycle-Management-Tool (LLM-Tool). The LLM-tool serves as decision support tool in the field of longterm-preservation. With our tool we aim to raise awareness for the legal aspects of digital preservation and improve the legal security of its users and our project partners. Step-by-step and on basis of a question and answer series, the user is guided through the relevant field of digital preservation. The questions asked take European as well as national legislation into account. Necessary information in order to answer the question asked, is supplied within the Tool when it becomes relevant. Furthermore the users have access to relevant guidelines concerning a specific topic (e.g. Data Protection Law, IP-Rights, Escrow-Agreements). Users are able to store the legal assessment reports. Using the function “Legal Monitoring” users will receive an automatic notification of any legislative amendments which might affect them.

Using our tool legal issues can be avoided right from the beginning of a preservation process. Any complex legal question arising from a specific area of digital preservation will be asked and answered within minutes by a few clicks only.

Hence our tool helps to solve legal issues arising from digital preservation and may serve any person involved or interested in preservation processes.

The Tool is available on our ITM-Homepage and the Timbus-Website. The software is made available as open source software and the developed decision trees are made available under a creative commons license. A virtual machine can be downloaded to run the tool.

Link to Legalities-Lifecycle-Management-Tool 

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